Tuesday, October 14, 2014

THE TWILIGHT REVUE: Ritual Chamber, Afterwalker, Murmuüre, Summer Graves

RITUAL CHAMBER "The Pits of Tentacled Screams"
Black/Death Metal
United States

This demo was released earlier this year by Nuclear War Now!, but I never heard much talk about it. It's got that great dark, murky atmosphere quite prevalent in today's current death metal zeitgeist; however RITUAL CHAMBER adds a mysterious thread of melancholy to the riffing, with subtle melodies that float upon the abscess of the pits. Not surprising since the sole member Numinas is also the creative force behind depressive black metal band KROHM.

Tape version still available here.

AFTERWALKER "Afterwalker"
Depressive Black Metal/Shoegaze

Shimmering, pulsating and hypnotic black metal from Brisbane. Repetitive long form patterns oscillate from left to right, with layers of guitars and a haunting, chiming effect. Sad and beautiful at the same time. So awash in reverb it borders on ambient. So epic.

MURMUÜRE "Murmuüre"
Ambient Black Metal/Experimental

This band's name means "whisper" in French. This eponymous release is the sole emanation of sole member "F." and it came out in 2010. I recommend it. Totally unique, with a very deliberate and well-realised vision, a true artistic approach, with distorted ambience and instruments that could be guitars or synths. Drums kick in here and there. For me this music has a Chicago art-rock vibe, like TORTOISE or a Jim O'Rourke side project. The drums have that explosive Albini-esque production. It's cinematic, too.

Raw Black Metal
United States

Esoteric black metal from Tennessee. One man band, and very stripped down, most songs are comprised of drum machine, one guitar track, and vocals. Nonetheless, SUMMER GRAVES has a catchy simplicity that drew me back for repeat listens. Clean vocals doing Latin-style chants adds to the mystery. The song "Quarrel of the Sun and Moon" kicks ass.

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