Wednesday, December 4, 2013


James/Horus here...everyone else is doing this so why don't I?

2013 was a fantastic year for metal releases, so many good ones that it was difficult to narrow it down. So here they are in (almost) no particular order, along with my 2 sentence reviews of each:

VOIVOD – Target Earth
Amazing and refreshing return from my all-time favorite band, full of creativity and soul. It instantly claimed a spot next to my favorite VOIVOD records.

The murkiest and cavernousiest death metal record of all-time. Makes “Onward to Golgotha” sound like power metal.

INQUISITION – Obscure Verses For the Multiverse
The perfect culmination of form and a graceful step forwards for this Satanic duo. Glorious riffs from master craftsman Dagon.

Insanely unique Swiss band, it’s rare to have a band burst forth with this much personality and style. To me they sound like old NEUROSIS playing atmospheric death metal.

CLOUD RAT – Moksha
Shoegaze grindcore, emo power-violence, whatever you call it I absolutely love this band and this record. The Neil Young cover chills me to the bone.

BEYOND – Fatal Power of Death
Excellent German death metal, hard hitting with a great atmosphere. This one grew on me big time and now it’s been playing on repeat for weeks.

DARKTHRONE – The Underground Resistance
These guys aren’t just paying homage to the great sounds of the 80’s…they are taking those styles and aesthetics and writing some truly great and well-crafted songs. My favorite is “Valkyrie”.

JESU – Everyday I Get Closer To the Light From Which I Came
If you like the previous JESU material this will not disappoint. The prolific Mr. Broadrick always delivers and this is some of his best material thus far.

MORTIFERA – Bleüu de Morte
A great new album from this French depressive/atmospheric black metal band. Slower tempos than previous releases but still totally raw and creative.

KNELT ROTE – Trespass
Pitch black terror! KNELT ROTE crafts a horrifying amalgamation of black/death metal and bestial grindcore into the most fearsome and intimidating release of the year.