Saturday, October 23, 2010

Recent Activities

Lots going on around here. We've been very busy with gradual but steady developments on a bunch of new releases.

HARASSOR - vinyl edition of the first self-titled demo is in the process of getting mastered and released via Ovrcast here in Los Angeles. We've got some vinyl-exclusive tracks to add created just for this release.
We also just wrapped a killer recording session with the great multi-faceted Bobb Bruno of Best Coast. Next is the mixing stage and coordinating for release...

LORD FOUL - CD edition of "Killing Raping Burning" is available from Forever Plagued Records. Vinyl edition coming soon from Dais Records in LA with new cover art. Master is ready and art/layout is currently being assembled...
The first official LORD FOUL t-shirts are also being prepped, with new art created by VICE cartoonist Johnny Ryan...

PICKLE - CD-R of "I Have Come To Cum" demo 1994 reissue available now at the Rising Beast webstore. PICKLE was an ultra-retarded noisecore band I did from 1993-1994. This CD-R release has not only the never-before released demo #2, it includes demo #1 as a bonus, with all-new art by yours truly.

MOONKNIGHT - "Toplov", the first release from my new jackhammer shoegaze black metal project almost available. Cassette edition from Universal Consciousness, CD-R edition from Rising Beast. 40 minutes of raw, distorted, and hateful black metal with punk and thrash elements, and occasional shoegaze guitar riffing. Like ILDJARN or BONE AWL crossed with ALCEST or MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Very excited about this one!

PRAY FOR NOW - "Inheliopic" debut album...cassette and CD-R editions

DARGAR - side project of Pete Majors from HARASSOR and myself coming soon...

Also, new website for Rising Beast will serve as a portal to all our activites, coming soon. Please check out to get some of the above releases and alot more.

Thanks and stay evil,
Roach [[[HORUS]]] James