Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Project Update

Hi and welcome to the Rising Beast blog. I started this as a way to keep people up to date on current and upcoming music projects of mine, but also it’s a place where I can rant about whatever I feel like ranting about…you may see journal-type entries from me, or music and movie reviews, plugs for my friends projects, maybe even the occasional interview...

For now, here is a complete update on all my musical endeavors.

HARASSOR is my main band which is currently active. We’re playing frequent shows in the LA area. We are also still finishing our 2nd release called “Hater of Man” which will come on out on our drummer Sandor’s label Universal Consciousness. We are also planning a vinyl LP re-issue of our first self-titled release on Ovrcast Records. We also still have copies of our split 7” EP with Bay Area band MOONDARK available.

LORD FOUL - the “Killing Raping Burning / The Devil’s Advocate” CD re-issue is out now on Forever Plagued Records. LORD FOUL was my solo black metal project and this nice package has the 1993 and 1994 demos remastered from the original tapes, as well as 2 vintage interviews with me circa 1994. Dais Records here in LA is doing the vinyl edition, hopefully available by the end of the year. Check back for more news on that, as well as info on a special limited-edition version.

RISING BEAST RECORDINGS is my small mini-label I’m using to release other demos and recordings of mine. It’s also a small distro where I sell music of other bands and labels that I like. You can order the following items at www.risingbeast.bigcartel.com.

Now available:

PRAY FOR SNOW “Self-titled” – this CD-R is the debut of my project PRAY FOR SNOW, which emerged after I retired ATTAKKR. This is metallic shoegaze sludge-doom in the vein of early JESU. 5 tracks, unlimited edition.

ATTAKKR “Fatal Romantics” – this limited CD-R from this now-defunct project compiles the long out-of-print releases “Blade of Ithiel” and “Zantetsuken” as well as 4 unreleased tracks. ATTAKKR ran the gamut musically…it was me attempting to find my footing again as a solo artist after a number of inactive years. You’ll find noise drone, rock, doom, shoegaze metal, industrial, even acoustic psych-folk on this release. Limited edition and going fast…

JAMES BROWN III “Isle of the Dead” – another limited CD-R. This release somewhat continues the styles I was exploring with ATTAKKR, which is mostly doom and noise drone. Features Sandor aka ANDORKAPPEN on guest vocals. Also limited edition…


PICKLE “I Have Come To Cum” – this CD-R will collect 2 vintage demos from my old shit-core noise band PICKLE. The first demo is called “Greasy Maggot Pimple” and came out in 1993, it features me on drums, Dave Stoker on guitar, and my kid brother Jeremy on vocals. The second demo, “I Have Come To Cum”, was recorded in 1994 but was recently re-discovered and mixed in 2010. It has much better production quality, although I play all the instruments. Coming soon…

PRAY FOR SNOW – the follow up to the first self-titled demo is in the works. This will see a departure from the heavier, guitar driven style and focus more on synths and electronica. Influenced by RADIOHEAD, BOARDS OF CANADA, and minimalist cold wave.


PRAY FOR SNOW “Toplov” – this upcoming cassette release will be handled by Universal Consciousness and features a much harsher, noisier black metal side to this project (although the parallels do exist).

DAR GAR – this project features Pete Majors from HARASSOR on vocals and guitar, and me doing the programming, editing and mixing. This is a noisy, harsh cut-and-paste black metal freak out! Coming soon…

That’s all the news for now, thanks for the interest and come back soon!

Stay rotten,
Roach [[[HORUS]]] James