Wednesday, September 17, 2014

THE TWILIGHT REVUE: Phobonoid, Irrwisch, Arx Atrata, Hermóðr


Stunning debut EP from this one-man Italian band, expertly melding atmospheric cosmic black metal with elements of doom, electronica and industrial. A fully crystalized vision, startling in its scope and emerging fully formed from the aether.


IRRWISCH "Irrwisch" Demo

Excellent Dutch atmospheric black metal/shoegrind. These guys had a previous band called WIDERGEIST and released one demo, which is also excellent. Classy and lush riffs border on outright prettiness. Faster blast beats than usual, pushing the rhythm to grind core levels. SO GOOD.


ARX ATRATA "Oblivion" EP

Epic and chilling atmospheric black metal from the UK. Very well crafted ambience, frosty guitar tones, melancholic emotive riffing. Synths add a lush layer of cascading beauty, reminds me of COLDWORLD or PAYSAGE D'HIVER, if you're into that kind of thing.

Arx Atrata

HERMÓÐR "Vid avgrundens kant"

Another great EP from this Swedish band. Lone member Rafn plays all instruments. Slow, grandiose and melancholic black metal. Riffs have a building quality, adding layers of guitars with each round. Background chants add to the majestic vibe. Songs tend to be long, in the 7 to 10 minute range. Highly recommended band!

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